Saturday, May 3, 2008

2:31 AM: Coffee

Coffee has an odd effect on me. Which is why I'm not drinking it now. (I wish I could!) Sometimes when I drink coffee, it knocks me out. Completely and totally knocks me out within 30 minutes. Drowsy beyond belief. Dead asleep for hours.

Other times, it keeps me up. I can have a cup at 3pm and at 2am I will be awake and alert. Not jittery. Not anxious. Not wired. Just alert and awake and pretty clear headed.

Other times, I can drink coffee and neither of those things happens. I don't get tired within 30 minutes, and no matter how late I drink it, I fall asleep at my regular time with no problem.

I would be completely ok with any of these reactions, if only they were consistent! Right now, I'd love to get the alert reaction to coffee, but what if it gave me the drowsy one? And there are times when I think "Hey, coffee knocks me out sometimes... maybe I'll use that to help me get to sleep early" -but what if THAT'S one of the times it has the "alert" effect?

So coffee? Useless to me for times like this. Too unpredictable. I don't know what determines the reaction I have.



Hillary said...

LOL! What is gonig on? Why are you up and liveblogging? Is Oh My God Man keeping you awake? What?

Melissa said...

Lol! You crack me up. Answer is here.