Friday, May 2, 2008

Where Is Your Happy Place?

A question:

Because everyone has different likes, dislikes, different definitions of comfort, different types of things that make them feel grounded, safe, centered, peaceful, inspired...

Where are you happy? A physical place.* And if there's no place where you're happy, where do you think you would be happy?

* If you have a specific place in your mind that you imagine in detail, and consciously "visit" when needed, that would count too.



Kendra said...

Oh my gosh...I was going to write about this on my blog yesterday and chickened out - its one of those personal secrets kinda things. Anyway, as far as physical places go I'm all about water/open space. It causes me to stop, breath and even when I'm thinking about things that are 'heavy' it calms me.

Melissa said...

This sounds pretty great. I'm sorry this post got bumped to the 2nd page (due to my all-nighter!) I'd like to hear what other people's places are too. Maybe I'll bump it back front at some point (and you'll look psychic for having a reply dated BEFORE whatever date I change this to ;) )