Saturday, May 3, 2008

5:09 AM: Birds Are Chirping

They have been for a while. Interestingly, I just received an email from the rehabber. It looks like she wrote it about a half an hour ago, so she's up. Makes sense. She has baby birds to feed. If baby birds are awake outside my window, they'd be awake at her place right about now too. She emailed to tell me the boxes arrived.

I mailed another package that same day. Someone had done me a huge favor so I'd sent her a few things as a thank you. She's in California, though, so I doubt that's arrived yet.

... sounds like the garbage trucks are outside too. Interesting company at 5am. Me, baby birds, wildlife rehabbers, and garbage men ;)



Alice said...

i'm flabbergasted that you were still up at 5am. MY GOODNESS, WOMAN! i hope you're sleeping right now... :-)

Hillary said...

Yeah, exactly! Whaddup?

Hillary said...

Waaaait a minute. Are you testing out the new blogger "publish posts in the future" feature? Tricking us all?

Hillary said...

No! I got it! You're doing research on sleep deprivation!

OOH! OOH! The aliens have abducted you and are holding your eyelids open with toothpicks and you figured if you're awake, you may as well entertain us!

... it always comes down to the aliens, doesn't it? Hmm...

Melissa said...

alice: I think last night caught me up. 11 hours :)

• No I wasn't testing that! Lol! But I did notice it was out of beta about halfway through. I hope that means the bugs are worked out.
• Yes, it always DOES come down to the aliens. I replied to a comment on someone's blog the other day, where aliens were clearly to blame!