Saturday, May 10, 2008

Guess What I Did NOT Get Today

A pigeon.

Thank you God for not giving me the pigeon.

I saw him as I was walking home, sitting on the ground alongside a building. Very still. All puffed up.

Still pigeon + sitting on the ground + clinging to a wall + all puffed up = Not good.

I stopped and considered getting him right then and there, but then decided I'd finish walking the half a block home, put down my bags, and then come back for him. All the while I prayed he'd be protected by "someone" (St. Francis?) and that he'd be ok and not drop kicked by some kids or eaten by a dog in the 5-10 minutes it'd take me to get back. All the while I prayed that he was really fine and would be nowhere in sight when I returned. All the while I prayed, very hard, that he was not "meant for me."

When I did walk back, I was afraid I'd see a half dead bird carcass and feathers everywhere, and I kept telling myself "if he was meant for me, he'll still be there." I really really really did NOT want a pigeon today. But I was ready to take the pigeon if needed.

When I returned he was still there. But he was no longer sitting. He was walking and eating.

Walking + eating = Good. Very good.

But he was still on the ground, not flying, and clinging to the side of the building. I approached him and he walked away. Also good. I followed him and he continued to walk away from me... more quickly. Again, good. Finally, I cornered him in a doorway and we had a little chat.

Baby pigeon. A little funny shaped but that didn't seem to be bothering him. Almost old enough to be on his own, but not quite yet. Possibly shoved out of the nest or abandoned. Almost full sized, but definitely still young. We talked a bit as I asked him whether or not he was ok. He didn't really answer. Then I reached down to get him and he panicked and flew a few feet to try to get away from me.

Good! Fine! Healthy! Buh bye! ;)

At least I hope. I think he could get away from danger if needed. Generally, if they're hard to catch, they're probably well enough to be on their own. I hope I was right and he's ok out there. But really, I am so glad to not have a pigeon in here with me right now.



Mac and Cheese said...

You're sweet for even going back. I've committed my share of animal rescues and know that it's hard not to try to help.

dharmamama said...

Oh, I can relate to that! Not about pigeons, specifically, just that 'please let them be OK, 'cause if they're not, I have to help!'.

I got here via Bossy's blog - I loved your "three guys" comment! Thanks for the laugh.

Abbie said...

You sound like someone who would have every stray cat in your house if you could.

Melissa said...

Mac: It kills me. I don't want to rescue animals. But when they're right there in my path, I'm not going to walk by them any more than I'd walk by an injured human being.

dharmamama: Geeze that was tough to spell! Lol! YES. You understand! PLEASE let them be ok!

Thank you for stopping by! I'm glad I gave you a chuckle. Personally I liked my hiatus comment from the day before ;)

abbie: Oh I so would not! Lol! Really. I love them, and I do not want them hurt or suffering, but I do not want to find strays or *anything* when I go out. But sometimes they're just "there" and I won't leave them.

Alice said...

eww. my dad calls pigeons "rats with wings." i don't think i'd have the balls to save one :-)

Grandy said...

You have a good heart, Melissa.

Vanessa said...

I"m glad he was healthy and had enough instinct to be on his own too. Spring is such an unstable time for the young animals making their own way for the first time.

Melissa said...

Alice: I'd save a rat with wings too.

Grandy: Thank you.

Vanessa: Spring is a tough time for young animals. I'm glad that's the only one I've seen (knocking like CRAZY on wood right now!)