Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Who Makes Themselves OLDER???

A number of years ago, I somehow forgot how old I was. Or, more specifically, I thought I was turning a year older than I really was. A friend caught this a few days before my birthday and said "Uh Melissa, that's not how old you're turning."

I said, "Yes it is."

And she said "No it's not. We're the same age. You are not a year older than me." And then she counted out the years with me over the phone as we did the math and realized that she was RIGHT!

It was so bizarre. I'm not sure how or why that happened but she's never let me forget it. Every year when she calls to wish me a happy birthday, she ends with, "And just in case you've forgotten how old you are..."

This year, she got me a little early and left a message reminding me how old I'll be tomorrow. I laughed and thought "Ah ha! I've GOT HER!" Because she was wrong! I was about to call her back to make fun of her and say "Are you sure about that?" when a little voice inside me said "Am I sure about that? I'd better be 100% sure before I call her!"

So I did the math, SEVERAL times, and you know what? She's RIGHT! I did it AGAIN!

I'm trying to figure out at what point this past year I decided I was a year older than I really am. I know it's been at least several months. This time I think I know why it happened, but I'm still not sure of when! I kind of feel like I've been gipped out of being younger for part of this year! I got older way before I needed to!

I cannot believe I did this again!


As I was about to post this, I thought I'd Google to see if anybody else has done this, and much to my amazement, I am not the only one! I feel so much better about this right now! Lol! Thank you Google!

A few of the links I found:

She thought she was a year older -TWICE! Like me!
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Kendra said...

I do it All the Time. Any time the question of 'how old are you/am I' comes up I have to ask my husband to be sure. Every. Single. Time.

Alice said...

i do it all the time too, and it's ALWAYS a year older than i am. in my defense (snort) i'm young for my age (meaning.. young for my grade when i was in school, so all my friends turn age x before me) so i always end up assuming i'm x age long before i actually am.

MP said...

I've done it before too..I'm so bad at math.

Mac and Cheese said...

When you get a little older, you'll probably start thinking that you are younger than you actually are.

Vanessa said...

So funny! I have actually done this too and you're right, its good to know you are not the only one! Happy Birthday to you!

Abbie said...

Can't say I've ever done this, worst I've done is forgotten how old I am right after my birthday, I still say I'm the younger age for about a week or so.

Happy Birthday! Have fun.

Nora Bee said...

Interesting...I think you are so occupied with your full exciting life you can't be bothered to think about such trivia :-)

Happy Birthday!

Melissa said...

Kendra: Really? That's so funny. I really thought I was the only one. But I wasn't even confused about my age. I was *certain* I was a year older! And have been for months!

Alice: YOUR situation makes sense! I can see that happening.

MP: I'm surprised so many people are saying "me too!" I don't know anybody else in "real life" who's experienced this.

Mac and Cheese: And THAT would make sense to me! Making myself YOUNGER.

Vanessa: It really is! Lol! Thank you for the Birthday wishes :)

Abbie: That is also logical to me. Thinking you're still your previous age for a while after your birthday, or writing last year on checks shortly after New Year's etc.

Thank you for the birthday wishes :)

Nora: Ha! Yeah that must be it ;)

Thank you :)