Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Am Thankful For Air Conditioning

Right now I am specifically thankful for the a/c I bought from my friends when they moved.

If it hadn't been for my pets I don't know if I'd have ever bought an a/c. I put off getting one for years. I told myself they were too much money and cost too much to run.... that I could get by with just fans... But then one of my pets got ill, and she wouldn't have been able to tolerate the heat. That was a no brainer. I bought an a/c immediately! Someone (who shall remain nameless) made a snarky comment to me at one point and said "So... you wouldn't get an air conditioner for yourself, but you got one for your pet?"

And I said, "For me it would have been a luxury. For her it was a matter of life or death."

-So uh... yeah :P

I wonder how long it would have taken me to buy one for myself if I'd never had pets?

By the way, did I mention that the a/c I got from my friends when they moved has a REMOTE! This is the very first time I've used it EVER and it's GREAT! I can lie in bed, NOT get up, and think "Eh... I think I'd like it a little cooler... no... maybe a little less cool.... *beep* *beep* *beep.*"

-I am so thankful for Air Conditioning.

Edit: The "energy saver" feature? Not going to work with me. Maybe if I were the type of person to leave the a/c on when I'm not home. But since I am home, having the unit turn itself on and off as the temperature goes up and down, is like living with a poltergeist.

Oh my gosh! I just remembered that when I was about 5, I had a nightmare about the Evil Queen from Snow White living in my air conditioner! Ok... SO not using this feature! :oO



Alice said...

i. cannot. live. without. air conditioning.

my body doesn't "respond well" to heat. actually, HEAT is ok; heat combined with humidity (eg, every day from june - sept in both NJ and DC) is a bad combo for me. i get woozy and lightheaded and pass out when it gets to be too much and it's HIGHLY LAME and i hate it, but makes a/c super duper awesome :-)

Mac and Cheese said...

I'm pretty sure my family's first a/c had everything to do with the two dogs we adopted that very same year.

abbie said...

lol about the poltegist comment.
We are making do without AC for right now, as a matter of fact, I've had 7 popsicles back to back it's so hot. and my precious lil kitten needs a hair cut badly!

Athena said...

I leave the ac on for Vada during the day...I'm sure if I didn't have her I would turn it off when I'm gone and save money.

I don't remember if you have ever mentioned what pets you have. I read your blog everyday and I can't think what pets you have.

Of course, it's the last week of school and my brain is mush...then again...I think I'd remember that. :)


Vanessa said...

I'm glad you got an AC unit too! They are so nice when it gets warm out!

Melissa said...

Alice: I can't imagine living without it now. Well... I can, but what I imagine is Hell! I'm the same as you. I run a fever when it gets hot. But I probably would have just kept directing a bunch of fans at myself and told myself I could manage. -This is SO MUCH BETTER!

Mac: Awesome :)

Abbie: Oooh! Popsicles! Great. Guess what I want now! ;)
(And you cut your kitten's hair? :oO)

Athena: I used to have pets. I don't anymore. Well, I do kind of have a pet right now, but he's in an ecosphere and that's a whole other story ;)

Vanessa: I will ALWAYS have one from now on! Though I still talk myself out of using it a lot of the time.