Monday, May 26, 2008


A Phone Call


I'm sorry I'm calling so late. Would you believe we JUST got back from the beauty salon?


It was great! E got her hair lightened so it looks the way it does in the summer, and I got highlights put in, and they even did the hair on my chin and made eyebrows for me!

They made eyebrows out of your chin hair?



Vanessa said...

This sounds like the strange conversations I keep overhearing!

Alice said...


i got a mani/pedi this weekend, adn the girl (rather pointedly, i thought) suggested an eyebrow waxing while i was there. harumph.

Melissa said...

Vanessa, you and I definitely have to go out to eat sometime. God knows what we would hear!

Alice: Ha!

As for my friend, she says she has no eyebrows (which I never noticed). So I think what they did was shape what was there or maybe even pencil something in? Not sure. Needless to say, they did not make some for her out of her chin hairs, but boy did it sound like that's what she meant! :D

Grandy said...

Oh sure...give us the explanation in the comments section. ;)

Melissa said...

My explanations are almost ALWAYS in the comments section! :D