Thursday, May 1, 2008

30 Days Of NaBloPoMo -OVER!

For anyone who wasn't paying attention, I just posted for 30 days in a row during the entire month of April! I'd hoped to stick to the letters theme for the entire month but I wasn't able to find enough "postable" letters to complete my goal. Plus it wasn't a requirement for NaBloPoMo. The letters theme was a suggestion, but the requirement was to post at least once a day for 30 days, (whether the post was about letters or something else.)

For the sake of completion, I may finish going through my box of letters at some point, to see if there are more I can post, but honestly, those were getting difficult to find. I'd read for an hour or two and not find one! Many were too personal, many were thank you letters (which would feel strange to post) and many wouldn't seem interesting or meaningful unless you knew the people who wrote them. I think, in the beginning, I naturally gravitated towards the people and letters I knew would be funny. Then I was left with the stacks that I knew would be more serious. I'll finish reading through my box in the months to come. We'll see what I find. -There have to be a few more in there!

April's NaBloPoMo challenge was easier for me than last November's (my very first!) If you've never done one of these, I highly suggest it, particularly if you're just starting out. The first time I did NaBloPoMo it was crucial to getting me into the routine of posting on a regular basis. This time... not so much! What can I say? I was already posting most days so the impact wasn't as great. But I'll probably do NaBloPoMo again in November.

Congratulations to the participants who made it all the way through and posted for 30 days straight! To those who didn't, there's always next month :)



Alice said...


i love other bloggers who take on the challenge... but i know there's no chance i'd blog every weekend day for a month, if nothing else :-)

Melissa said...

I bet you could do it. Heck you could just post pictures of the kitten :)