Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Birthday Wish

cupcake with candleDuring the past week, several people have asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I took time after some of those calls to try to really think about it. I thought there must be something I can ask people to get me. Something I'm hesitating buying for myself. But the same answer kept coming back to me. I really don't want anything. I've been trying to get rid of things. The only thing I really want, more than anything, would take an act of God.

If there is a God, then he/she/it/they know what it is. So, if anybody really wants to give me something today, particularly those of you with connections "up there," please ask him/her/it/them for that. Consider it like a registry. :)

* Photo by Theresa Thompson



Alice said...

i'm afraid my upstairs connections are a bit shaky... so from me you get a HUUUUGE internet hug and an exuberantly shouted HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :-)

Abbie said...

We always pray for long life and prosperity, so there you have it.

Happy Birthday girl!
Have a fantastic day!!

MP said...

I've also added to your registery.. so I guess..If it's meant to be..cause God knows we don't get to control our own destiny

Vanessa said...

Whatever it is, I hope you get it!

Melissa said...

Thank you everybody :)

Melissa said...

This is the 2nd time in two days that I've clicked "submit" when I meant to click "preview." Ugh!

Thank you Alice. Hugs are always welcome! As well as exuberant anything!

Abbie: Isn't that like a Vulcan thing? :D Thank you. :)

MP: Thank you. I agree.

Vanessa: Thank you. You've got mail :)

storyteller said...

I'm with you on getting rid of 'stuph' but I'll add my prayers to yours for your birthday wish ... just because ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Melissa said...

Thank you storyteller :)

Grandy said...

Happy Belated Birthday TO YOU!
Happy Belated Birthday TO YOU!
Happy Belated BIRTHDAY dear Melissa.....
Happy Belated Birthday TO YOU!!

**Sound familiar? I suck! Hope your day was great!!**

Melissa said...

Yes it does sound familiar ;) And you don't suck. And thank you :)