Thursday, May 8, 2008

I Am Thankful For Opposable Thumbs

I was closing a container today with one hand and thinking about how cool it is that that's possible. It's a fairly complicated set of moves to accomplish that task. Manual dexterity amazes me sometimes. Opposable thumbs... they are very good things to have.

Of course then I started thinking about what kinds of maneuvers might be possible (through technology or evolution) if we had other types of attachments. Like what if we had something on our hands that spun 360 degrees? Or had fingers with more than 3 joints? What if all our digits could spin 360 degrees and had more than three joints? Or could retract. You know... like a turtle. Not using 'em? Pull them inside.

It could happen. ;)



MP said...



well yeah....

OK, I have nothing.

Alice said...

i like the "of course then i started thinking.." bit. as if all the rest of us think about retractable 360 degree rotating fingers on a regular basis ;-)

Abbie said...

Just thinking about the ability of fingers rotating makes mine hurt!

Hillary said...