Saturday, May 3, 2008

5:38 AM: Another MP Meme

Another overdue Meme from MP.

5 Random or Weird Things About Me:
(Didn't I do this already? Can you do the same one more than once?)

  1. I used to say hangaburg (I was 3)

  2. I am often invisible to sensors that automatically open doors. Most times I have to back up and try a re-entry, and/or wave my hand in front of it. (No I'm not too short!)

  3. Ah there's another random fact. I'm 5'4."

  4. I love Macs.

  5. I also love Big Macs.

5 Places I want to see again or see:
  1. My bed

  2. My pillow

  3. My blanket

  4. My mattress

  5. The inside of my eyelids.




MP said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Big Mac's..but due to their 3895 calories i haven't had one in YEARS..the last week or two I've been VERY tempted to order one..yumm

Melissa said...

Every time I have one, which isn't often, I think about those three million calories -and eat it anyway!

As for your temptation, how about making a substitute? I bet Russian dressing would be a close second to the "special sauce."

You know... as in:
Two all beef patties
On a sesame seed bun!