Wednesday, May 21, 2008

If I Had The Time Or Energy To Write...

If I had the time or energy to write, I would tell you about conversations I had this past week about:

  • Suicide,
  • Deaths in families,
  • The witness protection program,
  • And the damage that secrets can cause to the "secret holders."
  • I would tell you about a conversation I had with a psychic. Not a reading, but about her, and her being a psychic.
  • About a homeless man I talked to for a few blocks as I walked home the other night.
  • And about how, the other day, I approached the toughest looking guy I could find to ask directions somewhere, because I figured he'd know the neighborhood best -and he did. He also, it turned out, had a really nice smile.

If I had the time or energy to write, I'd tell you about:
  • The sudden increase in 9/11 dreams I had (I usually have one every two months.)
  • The invitation I had on the fourth night of those dreams to attend an event at ground zero.
  • How I declined (because of the dreams).
  • How less than a week later I was having dinner with someone who was in the Pentagon when the plane hit.
(9/11 is something I pretty much never discuss with anyone.)

If I had the time or energy to write, I'd tell you about:
  • My friend's show.
  • About another show where a producer stood up to a writer and did the right thing.
  • About honesty and integrity in business dealings, because those dealings are with people who deserve nothing less.
  • About another project where a young film editor is ready to leave due to a director's disorganization.
  • About a family of six singing a cappella gospel in the subway.

If I had the time or energy to write, I'd tell you about:
  • My friends' combination birthday/farewell party,
  • Where we all "sang" happy birthday on kazoos,
  • And about the surprise wedding they sprung on us, right then and there, with no advanced warning. (The couple knew about it, but not the guests.)
  • How I suspected that for over an hour, since the SECOND I saw them, and how every signal in my brain was yelling "This is a wedding" and I told myself that wasn't logical. (Nobody else suspected a thing. Not even a proposal.)

If I had the time or energy to write, I'd tell you about:
  • My failed attempt at cooking liver.
  • About a decorative bowl and broom.
  • About certain people who've been on my mind constantly these past 2 weeks.
  • About trying to get more time with my parents before they, or I, pass away.
  • About the construction noises that have started every morning this week at 7:30 AM sharp DIRECTLY UNDER MY BED, and the hammering and drilling that is continuing even now, (about 4 feet to my left and 2 feet down) and how it's echoing in the halls and shaking the floors of my building.
I would tell you about all of these things, but honestly, I'm tired. And for about half of these things, if I went into any more detail, I'd probably have to kill you, -And I really don't have the energy for that right now either! ;)



Vanessa said...

I hope you get some rest and restoration soon.

I remember the 9/11 dreams and am grateful I don't have them anymore. Not living in NYC helps. A LOT. I hope you find your peace with it.

The wedding? Sometimes we just know things. Just intuition, or psychic-ness or I don't even know what to call it!

Kendra said...

You wore me out just reading that! But, now I'm so intrigued that I can't hardly stand you, lol. There was sooo much good stuff there :).

9/11 is different for me...I will talk about it when I get the chance. I think I'm still trying to make sense of it all - I can not begin to imagine what living in NY that day was like - and I won't ask ya. FYI - I would not have gone either because of dreams.

Alice said...

my gosh, that's a lot of stuff. and i'm SO CURIOUS to know more about so many of them...!!

hopefully you have a relaxing weekend coming up. good luck recharging some energy :-)

Kelly O said...

Here's to more time and energy, eh? And, while we're at it, peace.

Anonymous said...

WOW..You would have half a book if you took the energy and time to write all that..

Witness Proteciton Program has always facinated me. I don't know anyone in I'll go the fiction route..I hear there is a show on TV next season regarding this topic.

Melissa said...

Vanessa: I wish we'd known each other when you were here. You really don't have them anymore? I still have dreams about High School and I'm not there anymore! I think I'd still have these no matter where I was.

Kendra: I KNOW! I'm sorry. I realized it'd be kind of mean to write a post like that. It's just that I feel bad when I don't write for a while, and it's not because nothing's going on. It's frustrating how much goes on that I can't or don't feel comfortable writing about. I "veto" a lot of stuff.

As for 9/11, every time I have a dream about it I consider writing about it a little. I may start to write the dreams here.

Alice: You're probably curious about the ones I can't really go into too much detail about. Mostly because of privacy issues. But go ahead, say which ones. (So I can say "Yeah... that's one of them" ;) -I know... it's evil.)

Kelly: Yes. To all the above. Thank you.

MP: Oh crap... You're not "MP" now! I'm not typing out "mysecondjournal" each time! Lol!

As for your comment, YES I know!!! I've been feeling like that all week but there's too much stuff that's just not "blog-able" because it's too personal to the people involved. So I DO have things going on that are interesting and meaningful to me, -Yet my blog.... BLANK! :P

Re: The Witness Protection Program, there is a TV series coming up about it. I've seen the commercials too. With regard to the discussion I had, in very general terms, we were talking about the effects it has on the lives of people (and the people around them) when someone enters the program, and when they leave it.

Grandy said...

Well this is a great table of contents for future blog posts, my brilliant buddy. :)

Here's to some underwhelming coming your way. Have a good 3 day weekend.