Friday, May 2, 2008


Today has been a day of waiting. Waiting for emails, waiting for phone calls. Pretty much not leaving my desk or that area, so I could be sure I wouldn't miss them.

The emails came in. This is good. I am still waiting on two of the phone calls. One might not call until tomorrow. The other I'm not sure about. Nothing particularly pertinent to me (I'm not waiting to hear if I won the lotto or anything ;) ) but I told them I'd be here, and I don't go back on promises. So I will be up.

-And as long as I'm up, I may write. Because I'm really waay too tired to do much of anything else. So welcome to the first hour of "MeBloPoNi" (Melissa Blog Posting Night ;) )

I'm hoping this will be the ONLY post of MeBloPoNi, but ya never know... I'll see you all later if I'm still up!



Alice said...

ha. so i opened my google reader and was all "ELEVEN MISSED POSTS?? DID I INEXPLICABLY FORGET TO READ HER ALL WEEK??" but this makes more sense.

i mean, it doesn't make sense that you were UP ALL NIGHT, but.. ack. i'm sorry you were up all night.

Melissa said...

LOL! Congratulations for being the first person to read back this far and find the answer!

Staying up all night is actually really bad for me, but if it's important and I tell someone I'll be there, I will.

There were two calls I was waiting for, both important. One said they'd call later that night and that's the one I stayed up for.

The other could have called that night or the following morning. That one didn't necessitate my staying up all night. If I'd missed their call, they would have left a message, and I could have called them back as soon as I woke up. But since I was up...