Saturday, November 3, 2007

Did You Hear The One About...

Hillary gave my fledgling blog an amazingly generous plug on her own blog today, and she told people I was funny! -No pressure ;)

So for those of you who have arrived here via Hillary's blog, Welcome! And in your honor...

A Joke
(That I took from someone else many years ago!)

Once upon a time, a woman was walking down the street, when she heard a voice:

"You're going to live to be 100!"

She looked around and saw nobody. So she continued walking. And again she heard:

"You're going to live to be 100!"

Again she stopped, looked around, and saw no one. Then once again, the voice came...

"You're going to live to be 100!"

And then she realized... it was the voice of God! God was speaking to her and telling her that she was going to live to be 100 years old!

Well this was news to her! She'd been thinking she had maybe another 20 years or so left so she'd been letting herself go. But now that she realized she was going to be around for more than TWICE that long, she decided that she needed to fix things up a bit. So she took herself in for a complete overhaul. She had a facelift, she dyed her hair, she had liposuction, a tummy tuck... you name it -she had it done. And when she was finished she looked amazing. And she walked out of the office, got hit by a bus and died.

The woman floated up to Heaven, and when she arrived, God was waiting for her. She walked up to him, completely perplexed, and asked:

"God! What happened?? I thought you said I was going to live to be 100!"

And God said:

"I am so sorry.

-I didn't recognize you."



Katrina said...

Heehee! Nice joke. You are funny! And you're not even a clownfish! (Okay, #1: I'm NOT funny. And #2 We've watched Finding Nemo way too many times around here. Sigh...) Glad to find your blog! Have fun with it!

nachtwache said...

Great start! I'll have to give thankfulness a try. I love to laugh, have a bit of a dark ( macabre ) humour. I mean, how many moms could see something funny in their weed smoking teenager being accused of stealing not one, but two weed eaters, or weed wackers, as some call it. Well, that was a few years ago. Happy blogging!

Melissa said...

Katrina: I was a clown many many years ago, and I have a fish. Well... ok... it's a shrimp (which I'll post about someday) Is that close enough? ;)

Nachtwache: Ok the weed smoking teenager being accused of stealing weed eaters is HILLARIOUS!

I may be out of my league here! :)