Saturday, November 3, 2007

I Am Thankful For Water

I'm serious. Have you ever stopped to think about how incredible water is? And that so many of us have it in such abundance? It's everywhere.

Think about all the ways we use water. We clean everything with it. And when you think about it, that's really pretty weird. (In order to get one substance off, we douse it with another substance?) We put water all over our floors, our walls, we soak our clothes in it. It's in our toilets and used for waste removal. Heck we pour it all over ourselves to clean ourselves! Is there any other liquid you'd do that with?

But that's not all!

We drink it (frozen, refrigerated, boiled,) we cook with it and make tea, coffee, soup, steamed or boiled vegetables... We use it topically to keep warm or to cool off, to ease muscle pain or to reduce swelling. We give it to our pets, we put it on our lawns and in our plants.

We play with it in pools, water parks, sprinklers, water pistols, water balloons.... water is used just for fun!

For most people reading this blog, it flows freely out of faucets in our kitchens and bathrooms. Think about that. It's just there! You can have as much of it as you want! And not just you but everyone in your community. It's available to all of them in that abundance too!

And did you ever really take a look at water? It's totally see-through! (Well... for most people reading this blog it is!) But seriously, how cool is that? It's this "thing" with substance, and it's 100% see-through! And let's not forget that it just falls out of the sky like magic. -And snow and all the incredible uses and fun that snow provides? That could be a whole other entry.

Yeah... water is pretty amazing. And I am just weird enough to think about that quite often. I really do. I look at it and think "This is so cool... and I can't believe that it's just here."



Katrina said...

God is pretty awesome. Even with all the flavorings and additives and bubbles, we've never been able to improve on the healthiness and thirst quenching properties of His original recipe!