Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I Am Thankful For Taxis

Do you ever stop to think about how convenient it is to have Taxis available to you, and what's really going on when you use one? I do (but this shouldn't surprise you by now!)

Basically, what happens, is that you need to get someplace and you need a ride. So you go out into the street and look for someone who can give you that ride, and when you find someone who's available you more or less say "Hey could you please do me a favor and give me a ride to this place? I'll pay you for it." and then the complete and total stranger whose car you've stopped says "Sure! Hop in!" Not only that, but you get really lucky, because the ride you get just happens to be from someone who knows where EVERYTHING is! Even when you may not be sure how to get to your destination! (What are the odds? ;) )

Then when you're done, do you know what that total stranger who gave you the ride does? They drive around the city looking for more people who might need a ride somewhere. Because that's just the kind of nice and helpful person he or she is.

How many other people do you think would happily give you a ride anyplace you asked, (paid or unpaid), any time, day or night, with absolutely no advanced notice, and no questions asked? How many people would say "Sure, I was just driving around looking to see if someone might need a ride somewhere anyway, so yeah, no problem. I'll take you."

I am really thankful for Taxis.