Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I Am Thankful For A Good Night's Sleep

-Which I am not getting right now!

About 4 to 5 days a month, I wake up way too early and can't get back to sleep. It's annoying but it happens and I'm used to it.

But those nights when I fall asleep at a reasonable hour, sleep all the way through to the next morning and wake up well rested after 8-9 or more hours of sleep, with the kinds of dreams I could replay over and over and never tire of? Those are the best mornings in the world. And on those mornings, I always lie in bed for a few moments, taking it all in, and think "Wow... how cool was that!"



Elizabeth Coplan said...

I know exactly how you feel. I was sleep deprived for eight years because my son suffered from severe anxieties. Now he is able to cope but I rarely get a good night's sleep. When I do, it's pure heaven.
Cheers, Elizabeth A Wild Ride

Melissa said...

Hi Elizabeth. I'm glad your son is getting through the night a bit better now. I read through your site. Lots of stuff there!

I hope you all have a Happy (and calm, and peaceful!) Thanksgiving. (And then a really great night's sleep afterwards! :) )