Thursday, November 1, 2007


Ok, so here's the thing... I've been writing plenty. But what I haven't been doing is posting! Part of that is because I haven't finished the blog layout, part of that is because I rarely, if ever, share anything personal on the Internet and it's an awkward step for me to take. So I figured I'd jump in with both feet and give this a try for real during NaBloPoMo.

Qu'est-ce Que C'est NaBloPoMo?

NaBloPoMo is short for National Blog Posting Month. In order to participate in NaBloPoMo you need to have a blog, sign up, and then pledge to post every single day in November. I'm taking the plunge (and at the end of the month I'll see if this whole "blog thing" is really for me!)

Oh, and by the way, if I'm going to post something EVERY single day in November, I expect you folks to comment gosh darn it!

Here we go!