Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Seem To Be Losing My Eyelashes Today

I found two on my keyboard, then found another just now. Obviously I must be rubbing my eyes this morning, but still... three eyelashes? It's like they're all jumping ship!

I always wish on eyelashes and blow them away. I'm not sure where or when I learned to do that. Heck I'll wish on anything... stars, dandelions, birthday candles...

My first and often only wish is always for my friends. The ones that are no longer here. I know people have lots of varying ideas about what happens after death. I'm honestly unsure. Maybe after people die they're at peace. Maybe there's nothingness. Maybe something else happens. I don't know. What I do know is that I'm not 100% sure where and how they are now. So my first and often only wish is always for them. For them to be happy, and peaceful, to feel safe, and to be free of pain. Once in a while (like when two more eyelashes fall out!) I may add a wish for myself, but that's pretty rare. There's just absolutely nothing else in the world that is as important to me than knowing that the people I love are safe and all right. In this life or in any other.