Monday, November 26, 2007

Public Service Announcement: Fall Attire

Central Park Fall Leaves

Photo courtesy of newoldthing

A friend and I were talking about how beautiful the trees were in the parks yesterday. I had walked home through Central Park and she through Riverside Park. I told her how picturesque the view had been and how even the people fit perfectly into the landscape, as if they were floating through a serene painting, because every single person in the park had matched. They were all wearing black -As was I!

My friend said she'd had the exact opposite experience. She said she saw a family with a mother wearing a very nice plumb colored brocade coat, a daughter wearing a hot pink parka, and a father sporting another parka in a blindingly bright teal. According to her they were totally clashing with the landscape (and each other) and ruining her view.

So, on behalf of my friend, I would like to request that everyone please think before venturing outward into the beautiful fall surroundings, and plan your wardrobe accordingly. Please try your best to wear colors that compliment the landscape and any people you are with, so that you may contribute, and not detract from the aesthetic experience of park goers around you. 1, 2

1. If you live someplace where doing this might cause you to be mistaken for a deer, a lovely fluorescent orange will do fine.

2. Since this blog is relatively new, it may take some time for this PSA to reach the masses. With this in mind, anyone with a heightened sensitivity to wardrobe/park clashes is strongly advised to purchase a pair of amber sunglasses until such time as this situation is resolved.

That is all.



Mac and Cheese said...

I'll start spreading the word!

Melissa said...

And THAT would fulfill one of your posts! Lol! :D