Monday, November 5, 2007

My Wild Self

Last night, as I trolled through looked through profile pictures on NaBloPoMo to try to get some inspiration for mine, I came across this one by andi and thought "Hey! I want one like that!"

So I visited her blog and saw that she made it at

I had a little fun there...


So did my friend Cammy
(I love this!)

The scary thing is, these really look like us! Lol!

Here's MP!
(Added 12/13/07)
MP's wild self

What about you? Show me your wild self!



Andi said...

I think your profile pics are great! And I'm really enjoying your blog. I hope you do decide this "blog thing" is for you!

Melissa said...

Hi andi!

Thank you so much! I figure after posting 30 days straight I'll either be hooked or I'll run away screaming ;)

Cammy said...

I love how you used your little wild selves in the blog template--too cute! And excellent final choice on the avatar!

Melissa said...

Why thank you :) Yours still cracks me the heck up!

I don't know how long the header ones will stay there, but I'm having fun with them there for now.