Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Am Thankful For My Mini Trampoline

For over 10 years, I have had one piece of exercise equipment in my home, and I actually use it. I am thankful for my mini trampoline because with it, on days that I can't get outside to exercise due to the weather or the time of day (or lack of clean clothes...), I can still get a workout that has the same aerobic benefits and caloric burn as walking or jogging (depending on the exercise intensity).

Why A Mini Trampoline?
  • It takes up less space than a treadmill.
  • It folds and is semi-portable, so if I'm going on a long trip I can bring it with me if I really want.
  • It's low impact.
  • Rebounding (aka "jumping on a mini trampoline") is good for the lymphatic system.
  • You can use it in front of a TV.
  • It uses no electricity.
  • It's too low to use as a clothes hanger.



Hillary said...

Heehee! I've always thought that those rebounders would be fun! My grandparents have had one for years and years, and we always liked to play on it as kids!

Melissa said...

Yay for your grandparents!

FWIW, they stop being "fun" when the huffing and puffing starts! Lol! But they're great for indoor exercise. And the cheapo ones are only around $40. I talked myself into my first one by realizing it was way less than the cost of a gym! :D

Hillary said...


Really? 40 bucks? And you actually USE it? Hmmmm.... I shall have to consider.

Melissa said...

LOL! <-- Ok you understood that one right? :)

FWIW = "For What It's Worth" :)

Yes, around $40 for the cheapo ones that you can get at most sports stores. I went through 2 of those (each lasted around 5 years) before I bought a higher end one for $250. And I only did that because no sports places had the cheap ones in stock when my last one broke and I NEEDED MY REBOUNDER! :D

This one's good though. It's already gone 6 years with virtually no wear and I expect I'll have it for many years more. So still well worth the money.

But $40 for one that lasts 5 years is a darned good deal too! Especially for your first "rebounder purchase."

I keep mine in the same room as the TV and put it on its side behind something or in a closet when I'm not using it.

Go for it! -And then go Geocaching, and then get some pajamas! (-We'll just write your whole Christmas list out right here! :D )