Saturday, November 24, 2007

I Am Thankful For The Body's Ability To Physically Heal

I've always been amazed at the regenerative properties of the human body. Most people never give a second thought to scratches, cuts, bruises, or broken bones, because they expect them to heal 100%. And most of the time they do. Very often, many crippling and disfiguring injuries also mend completely, as if they'd never happened.

Think about it: What if your body didn't have the ability to heal? What if a broken bone, whether it was your leg or a finger, would always be broken? What if every cut or scratch you ever had, large or small, never healed (ok the bleeding could stop but beyond that I mean!) What if once you tore or pulled a muscle or ligament, that's how it was going to be forever?

We are all extremely lucky. Not just because our own bodies do this, but also because the bodies of people we love and care about often have this same amazing regenerative ability. It's true that not everything heals 100%, but many things do, and that's miraculous to me.

Scene from Death Becomes Her

A scene from the comedy Death Becomes Her
where the characters learn that "immortality"
doesn't mean "can't sustain permanent injury."