Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Am Thankful For Accounts That Remain Active Even When You Forget What They Are

For about a year now I've been very frustrated because I couldn't figure out what was going on with my StatCounter account.

One day I logged in and my "project"1 was gone. It just wasn't there. I hadn't logged into my StatCounter account for a while so I thought maybe I'd had more than one account and I'd just logged into the wrong one. -You've done that too. I know you have! Made an online account for something and then forgotten about it, or forgotten your user name or password, but having them emailed to you won't work because the account has your old defunct email address, so you just create a 2nd account instead of trying to salvage the first?

Well I thought maybe that's what had happened. I vaguely remembered creating more than one StatCounter account way back when. So I tried various combinations of user names that I usually use, paired with the various passwords that I usually use. No luck. I could only log into that one account (the one that was missing my project!) and nothing else would work.

I even went so far as to email StatCounter and say something to the effect of:

"Hey, this is my project number. You can see it's on my webpage at this address, and these are my new and old email addresses, and did I make another account with you or did you just lose my project? Because if you did, is there any way I can get it back? And if you didn't, can you give me a clue as to what the %$#@!? my other username and/or password might have been?"
Oddly, I got no response.

I delayed putting a StatCounter on this blog because I was still hung up on that missing project and I didn't want to have two different sets of stats in two different accounts (if the fault was mine), or to start a new project that would also disappear one day if the fault was in fact theirs.

So then, the other night, I tried once again to enter all my usual user name and password combinations into the StatCounter website, and guess what happened? One of the ones I SWEAR I tried several times before, WORKED.

-And there was my missing StatCounter project.

Right there. Still working and gathering stats. Right were I left it. Just waiting for me to remember what the heck its account name and password were so I could get back in to view it again.

So I made a new project for here and now both projects are very happy together living under the same account. (And I wrote down my account information this time!)

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1. With StatCounter you can set up different counters for different websites. The information associated with each individual counter is called a "project."



Hillary said...

Now see, you're hinting that you have another website... ;) Mmhmmm...

Melissa said...

Sort of. I made a lot of T-shirts and gift items for friends and family members over the years. Some wanted to buy additional items so I set up a CafePress store for them to do that. I'd only monitor the store until they'd successfully bought their items and then I didn't really pay much attention to it (as evidenced by my not being able to remember my StatCounter info! Lol!) -In other words, I need to go back and fix it up before linking to it here! :)